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The day that I discovered fractals was the best day of my life! A fractal is an amazing phenomenon that happens when “an equation undergoes iteration, a form of feedback based on recursion,” according to Wikipedia ( Let me show you the most “famous” (and in my opinion, insanely amazing) type of fractal, Behold the Mandelbrot Set, in all its glory!

Yeah, it might look a bit bland on the surface, but once you dig into it (yes, literally; ok fine, zoom in) and maybe even turn on colorcyling, you will have a sight handily beating whatever psychedelic drugs you think I’m on. The mysterious and miraculous formation of a fractal…

This little crazy thing called… oh right, a fractal! Upon closer inspection, you will observe that you can keep on zooming in for, well, pretty much forever! And the details only get more impressive yet bizarre as you zoom in, often with a peculiar self-similarity, like so.

Quite impressive with a small hint of creepy. Now I have never actually come up with my own fractal equations before, and don’t even ask me to explain how it works! I have no clue! But once I show you the complexity of the equation behind it, you will probably understand my confusion and utter lack of explanation.

M = \left\{c\in \mathbb C : \exists s\in \mathbb R, \forall n\in \mathbb N, |P_c^n(0)| \le s \right\}.

Yikes! Try parsing that one… is it a function? Now I know you’re probably thinking “ohh, he’s gonna go on and on about this topic that I really couldn’t care less about…”. Well that is true upto a certain point, but because you had the determination to read up until here, I have a reward in store for you. I want you to try out for yourself what instilled in me this passion for fractals. Why don’t I just give you a download link for software that will render colorful fractals for you!

Yeah, there you have it, totally free and safe. Trust me, I have useeeeed it! I’ve probably already lost you to that oh-so-tempting download link by now, but anyways… maybe some instructions are a good idea, don’t get intimidated just yet!

First, install and launch the program (duh). Second, click File > Fractals > Escape Time to create your brand spanking new fractal.

To look around and amaze yourself, use your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in and out, and drag the view around to explore. It should look about like this.

May I suggest you start your own private party? Scroll down on the right sidebar to colorcycling and check that box, and let her rip! Your fractal should start pulsing all the delectable colors of a rainbow! Enjoy!!!

…Now if only my room had walls plastered with flatscreen tv’s outputting these in full 1080P glory! yessss, keep dreaming.


Comments on: "FreakingAwesomeFractals" (5)

  1. Patrobic, I am going to try this out this weekend, gotta teach my other classes now, but just know that this post has really, really REALLY got me interested in Fractals. And did you use codecogs for the math notation?!?!? Please say yes. No pressure.

    • Cool, so how did it go? I tried to make the post as exciting as I could, to simulate the excitement I had when I first encountered fractals! And I’m very, very sorry, but the equation is from wikipedia, not codecogs ;(

  2. haha no problem, whatever works, just know that with codecogs you can type whatever YOU want, not only what wikipedia has…..I have to admit I haven’t uploaded that software yet….not due to lack of interest, though….when I tried my computer gave me a warning that it looked like a virus….which I’m sure it is not but it scared me. SO I thought, I’ll wait and maybe it’ll go away….I’ll try it again though. The geogebra one, I know, not sure either what it’s for but I was hoping YOU could tell ME!

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