Come here often and see all the crazy things that I have been upto!

Here it is, 33 slides of awesome PowerPoint goodness! A good few dozen hours went into this, just saying… Enjoy! 🙂

Does that mean I won’t ever get Sec. V math homework again!?!?!? lol

Final IA Presentation — Patrick Robichuad


Comments on: "Independent Assignment on Fractals!" (3)

  1. This project is simply stunning Patrick! It is jaw-dropping to see where fractals are in our lives! And so pretty – I love the Julia set myself. You did the Menger sponge with minecraft, right? Brilliant, just brilliant. Tweeting right after I hit publish!

  2. Oh and as for your last question, yes it does!

  3. Patrick, I have emailed you (and everyone else from last year whose email address I still have) about participating in a webinar about student projects. I hope you check your blog comments and see this! Email me at and I’ll explain, or just check your email that you used last year! PLEASE!!!!

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