Come here often and see all the crazy things that I have been upto!

Here it is, 33 slides of awesome PowerPoint goodness! A good few dozen hours went into this, just saying… Enjoy! 🙂

Does that mean I won’t ever get Sec. V math homework again!?!?!? lol

Final IA Presentation — Patrick Robichuad


Thank You Mrs. Cule!

Learning is alright I guess, especially when you’re in a school named LEARN, but one thing  can take that learning experience and transform it into an all-around good experience. That is the teacher, and Mrs. Cule, you have delivered exceptionally well on this point. And on every aspect, I might add; not only do you turn a boring web classroom fun, but you teach clearly, dynamically, and are helpful even beyond my expectations. I feel like I have not only a teacher that gives up time and energy for us, her students, but also becomes our friend. After all, I wouldn’t be writing all this for a teacher I hardly knew…

I’m searching my mind for things that you could improve upon for next year, but I really can’t think of any whatsoever. Maybe you could come up with a creative way to judge how prepared we are for exams beforehand (like the google docs “quizzes”), and provide more alternatives to be better prepared, like say extra problems. But I get it, we don’t like doing homework, and I think you have balanced the workload quite well as it is.

Here’s a bit of advice for next year’s students, and I’ll name each of them from Cedar here. Jessica, Amanda, Javiera, Nicole, Michael, and everyone else; you have many challenges coming up in Sec V, juggling three heavy classes without having a teacher on-site to help you. But you will have some of the best teachers teaching you, their amazing helpfulness will more than make up for this shortcoming. Depend on them, stay on top of the homework, and most importantly don’t stress about it. What I’ve learned is that difficulties will come whether you stress or not, so put that energy to good use in order to be prepared in advance for whatever might come your way.

I think I’ll cut my flow of feelings and information off right here, with only one more thing to say… Thank you Mrs. Cule! I’ll miss you!

–Patrick R.

Another Cmap, this time as an official assignment memory aid. So much detail, but not as much spit and polish as my other ones…

These things had better count for marks… they take forever to perfect! Mind you, I’m getting pretty good at Cmaptools, but it still takes long to find all that information, organize it, color it, proofread it, submit it to Mrs. McG, correct it, and finally this!

Random Geogebra “Art”

Just me fooling around in Geogebra for the fun of it! Tell me that would make a nice geek t-shirt! 😉

Pretty much every type of function is included in here: Linear, sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, cotangent, quadratic, square root, rational, circle (I know, not a function!), you name it!

I love your powerpoint explaining the different routes taken to solve trig equations, Mrs. McG. However, as soon as I saw it, I thought “I could make it even better with a Cmap!”. I don’t guarantee anything, but I think you will agree with the results. Hopefully it will be integrated in your powerpoint for everyone to see next year!! 🙂

For everyone else… let me know what you think in the comments, and let it be a review/memory aid for you!



If you knew how many hours I have spent working on this, I would probably get a 200% mark on my project. Here is a visual outline of the history, applications, ideas and concepts behind fractals. In case you don’t know what fractals are, it is a visual representation of all the points that belong to a certain equation. The results are breathtaking, in the case of the Mandelbrot Set, you have multicolor beautiful geometric patterns that can be zoomed to infinity where you will see eerie self similarities.  I won’t go into the details here, to learn more, simply read my other posts on my blog.  But your best bet is to simply follow this outline. Enjoy… and try not to overload your brain with information!