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Minecraft is an amazing game, staged in a randomly generated world built utilizing 1 meter cubes. It is a type of sandbox game, in which you are free to do whatever you please. I use Minecraft to create epic feats of architecture, mostly large mansions or castles. One of my latest creations is a large, multi-floor brick mansion, with a large living room and balcony above it.

I wanted to have a curved, panoramic living room window, but because of the limitation of only square cubes, I had to improvise… somehow. I decided that the window should be parabolic, giving it an appealing and professional look. I tried building it on the spot, but couldn’t get it to look quite right… so I got an idea: Geogebra! I created a simple function based on the width and depth of the window, which ended up being:

I ended up with this graph, and placed a point on each full x integer on the parabola:

yeah, epic skills, ehh?

For each point on the graph, I placed a block that y-distance from the main wall. This made my window a perfect, uhm bumpy, parabola! Lovely perfection, with a mathematical formula behind it! Just the way I like it!

Well why don’t I show you the final product, and maybe give you the taste of playing Minecraft!